Chapel & Choir

Chapel Interior
All are welcome in Exeter College Chapel. Whether you are exploring or strengthening faith through worship and prayer, or the honest doubter, the music lover, or someone seeking a place of calm and beauty in the midst of the busyness and confusions of life, you are welcome. 
There has been a Chapel in the College since its foundation in 1314, and has fulfilled many different functions over the past seven centuries, as understandings of religion and faith has changed through the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the Oxford Movement. Today the Chapel is, of course a place of divine worship, but also a deliberately inclusive space, belonging to the whole College. As well as a place to seek solace, it seeks to challenge our views of life: it is a place where ideas can be aired and exchanged, where faith and understanding can be explored, in a supportive and respectful manner, through services, and other events.


Full details of services, music, and preachers can be found here.
You can find the Term Card, with further details of Chapel events here
All Services are open to members of the general public. 
Entrance to the College is via Turl Street.
6.00pm Choral Evensong 
8.30am Mattins
8.00pm CU Prayers
8.30am Mattins
6.15pm Choral Evensong 
8.30am Mattins
6.15pm Evening Prayer [Trinity term only]
9.30pm Compline by Candlelight  [Michaelmas and Hilary Terms]
8.30am Mattins
6.15pm College Eucharist
8.30am Mattins
6.15pm Choral Evensong
On Saints’ Days Choral Evensong is replaced with a Choral Eucharist.

Music in Exeter Chapel

Since the foundation of the mixed voice choir in 1995 Exeter College Chapel Choir has provided an exceptionally high standard of music for the daily services. The Choir is conducted by the undergraduate Organ Scholars. In addition to singing three services a week, the Choir regularly sings at Westminster Abbey, in the College’s Livings, as well as going on an annual overseas tour.  The Organ was built in 1994 and is the only example of the French Romantic style in the UK. It can be heard, in addition to during services, at the weekly organ recital on Tuesdays at 1.10pm.