Professor Gregory Hutchinson

Exeter College in the snow
Fellow and Tutor in Classics
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Gregory Hutchinson

I am Fellow and Tutor in Classics, and Professor of Greek and Latin Languages and Literature. I was born in 1957, in Hackney, London. I went to the City of London School (with an Inner London Education Authority free place). I went to Balliol College, Oxford, as an undergraduate and graduate, then to Christ Church, Oxford, as a Research Lecturer. In 1984 I began as a Fellow and Tutor at Exeter College, Oxford (so I have seen the world!). In 1998 I became a Professor too. I teach both undergraduates and graduates.

In my research work I seek, unusually for a classicist, to give equal attention to Greek and to Latin, and to work on both prose and poetry. Some of my books attempt to expand the literary understanding of periods or types of work which at the time had been relatively under-explored or under-valued. Others present sustained comment and analysis of particular texts. But I am generally concerned to combine detailed textual criticism and verbal interpretation with larger literary argument. In my opinion, these aspects of the subject should be in constant communication with each other, not frostily separated. I am interested too in the relation of literature to history, archaeology, philosophy, linguistics, and other areas. On a more minute scale, I have occupied myself considerably of late with papyri and manuscripts. There are few pleasures, I find, like gazing through a microscope at some recalcitrant group of traces. (But then I have never taken snuff.)

Outside research, I am particularly interested in music, and I play the piano. I enjoy reading literature, of course, mainly English, French, German, Italian, and Russian. I like walking (in the tamest fashion) and wish I liked sport.

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