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University Contract (University Card Form)

University Card Form

Please complete, sign, and return, a copy of the University Card Form (University Contract) as soon as possible. A link to access the University Card Form is provided below:

University Card Form: click this link to download a copy

How to complete the University Card Form

Please record your personal details as requested, and input Exeter for “College or PPH”, and Michaelmas [Oct] as your “Start Date”. Please ensure that you include a passport-type photo (inserting this into the document itself) and sign within the signature box. Please email your completed University Card Form to saving the file as follows:

SURNAME, FORENAME – University Card Form

Note that you will not receive your University Card (which is responsible for creating your Single Sign-On and Oxford email address) without returning this form. It is therefore crucial you return this as soon as possible. The University’s Terms and Conditions (for all types of student contract) can be found within the College and University Handbooks section.

If you have any queries in relation to the University Card Form, please contact