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Freshers’ Week Timetable

Freshers’ Week (Sunday 2 October – Sunday 9 October)

The Undergraduate Freshers’ Timetable will be circulated to you, by email, on Monday 26 September!

College Parents

The College Parent Scheme pairs you with a second year student, at Exeter, who is studying the same (or similar) subject as you! You will shortly receive an email, on behalf of the JCR, advising you of your College Parent.

JCR Blue Book

The JCR’s Blue Book (a guide to the College, and Freshers’ Week, written from a student perspective) is now available and can be accessed by clicking on this link, here.


Click here: Walters of Oxford (sub-fusc, gowns, etc.)

Click here: Shepherd and Wooadward (sub-fusc, gowns, etc.)

Click here: Blackwells (books, book, and more books!)