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Essay Writing Competition Summer 2020

Exeter opened its first  Summer Essay Writing Competition, open to all UK-based students in years 10, 11, and 12.

The question was:

Identify a key issue in a subject of your choice. Analyse that issue and offer a potential solution. (max. 2000 words)

The winning entries were :

Institutional Racism towards the Black Community within the British Police Force (£100 Voucher)

Addressing the Issues with Operations in Modern Firms (£75 Voucher)

Are you Morally Justified in Permitting the Suicide of an Immoral Man? (£75 Voucher)

Cancer: What Next? (£75 Voucher)


Highly Commended entries included: `Why is the Recidivism Rate So High in the UK, and How Can it be Lowered?`, `Are ACE Inhibitors and ARBs Still Safe to Use in the Current Pandemic?` and `The Problems of Generation Z`.


The judges were very impressed with the high standards demonstrated. Congratulations to all entrants!