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Confronting Injustice, Celebrating Talent

The murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 sent shockwaves around the world. Killed by a white Minneapolis police officer while other officers restrained him, the appalling events of that day shone a light on systemic racism, inequality and the injustice that Black people face, sparked protests across the globe, and heightened awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Within Exeter College there was general agreement that more must be done to address historic and persisting injustices and the College formed a Black Lives Matter working group, made up of students, fellows and staff, to consider ways the College could help. Among the group’s recommendations was that Exeter hold a Black Lives Matter Creative Competition, to show its commitment to recognising and celebrating diversity.

We are proud to launch Exeter’s inaugural Black Lives Matter Creative Competition, which this year is on the theme “Here, Now, Then”.

The Black Lives Matter Creative Competition seeks to make space for a variety of voices and modes of expression, to recognise that art is universal and boundless, to provide a stage for themes and for people who have all too often been relegated to the sidelines, and to celebrate the diversity and talent within the Exeter College community.

All current Exeter students and prospective students with offers to study at Exeter next academic year are invited to produce a creative response to the theme. That response can take any form, from poem to painting, video installation to musical composition. To ensure all students are able to compete, regardless of financial means, Exeter will provide grants where appropriate. Entries close on 31 October, with an exhibition of the entries held afterwards at Cohen Quad and online. Two prizes of £500 are available, one decided by a panel of judges, the other by Exeter’s students by popular vote.