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COVID Housekeeping arrangements

Housekeeping Protocols

At Exeter College, the safety of our students and team members are of paramount priority and we follow all rules and regulations issued by the Government closely.   Additional heath and safety measures will be in place and every accommodation site will receive a regular deep clean with anti-viral disinfectant for all high traffic common areas.

Students arriving on site (Turl Street)

  •  Incoming students can bring up to two people from their household to help move in.
  • Please use the hand sanitizing gel, located at the lodge, upon arrival.
  • On street parking – you must obtain a 30 minute parking permit from the Lodge
  • As per the Government advice, you will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Trolleys are available at Turl Street and Cohen Quad to transport heavy belongings. A sanitizing spray /wipes will be left in the trolley and you must ensure you clean it before and after use. You must then dispose of the wipes in the bin.
  • Doors leading to staircases will be propped open – closed once all students in.

Students arriving at Cohen Quad

  • Students can bring one person from their household to help move in. Hand sanitising gel must be used on arrival (next to front desk). Your household helpers must only go direct to the student room and back, the lift must not be shared with any other household.
  • A parking permit is available at front desk for on street parking, parking is at our own risk.
  • There is one trolley at front desk, please sanitise before and after use.

Common spaces ( JCR, MCR, Chapel )

  • The cleaning protocols have been revised and enhanced and our staff have received additional training and essential PPE.
  • All areas will be cleaned twice a day.
  • Antibacterial spray will be available along with antiseptic wipes for your use
  • The rooms will be sprayed with antibacterial chemicals by our staff every 10 days

Student rooms

  • Before arrival, rooms will be deep cleaned and disinfected.
  • Rooms will be cleaned fortnightly, on a schedule.
  • Scouts are being allocated specific rooms, if a scout is absent, the area will not be cleaned until they return. (should the absence be extensive this may have to be revised)
  • you will be given room cleaning schedule and you must have vacated the room in advance of the appointed time
  • You are asked to dispose of all rubbish in the bins located in the back quad. (bin area at CQ)
  • You will be provided with bin bags and recycling bags.

Communal showers – Staircases

  • The showers will be cleaned twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon . The showers will be CLOSED to all while cleaning is undertaken by the Scout.
  • After showering, we ask you to spray the controls and touching points with the chemicals and equipment provided.
  • Remove all personal items from the shower after use.
  • Dispose of all empty bottles and packets in the bins provided.

Public Toilets

  • The toilets will be cleaned 3 times a day and a cleaning chart is displayed to indicate last cleaning
  • The toilets will be CLOSED to all users while the Scout is undertaking cleaning
  • Antibacterial spray/wipes and disposable cloths is available for all users.
  • The electrical hand dryers is currently out of use to prevent spread of any infection.
  • Flush with the toilet seat closed.
  • Using the cleaning materials provided wipe around the seat, sink, taps and door handles
  • Ensure that the toilet bowl is clean, if not use the brush and flush again.
  • Ensure all paper towels and tissues are placed in the bin and not on the floor

Laundry Room

  • Due to social distancing measures, only one person is allowed to be in at any time.
  • Students from the same households are encouraged to wash together
  • Disinfectant spray/ wipes available for you to sanitize any areas touched.
  • Wash, dry and collect your belongings as soon as the machine cycle has finished
  • Items remaining in the drying room for more than 2 days will be bagged and placed elsewhere for disposal.

Student Kitchens

  • The kitchens will be cleaned once a day
  • The kitchens will be closed to all users while the Scout is undertaking cleaning
  • Wherever possible, worktops to remain clear of equipment after use.
  • Pots and pans, utensils and crockery, cutlery etc must be washed, dried and stored by users immediately after use.
  • Remove dry dishes from drying board and store in cupboards provided or in your personal spaces.
  • Spray/wipe the worktops, all freestanding appliances, toaster, microwave etc after use.
  • Dispose of paper towels used for cleaning in the bins provided

Exeter House/Friendship Houses

  • Ensure you empty the glass bin when full.
  • Antibacterial spray and disposable cloths will be available for students to use.

Turl Street JCR Kitchen

  • For use by students with specific dietary requirements on request only.

Meeting Rooms

  • The meeting rooms will be cleaned once a day by the Scouts
  • Sanitizing spray, cloth and sanitizing wipes available in each meeting room
  • The host is responsible for organising the cleaning of the meeting room
  • Tables, chairs and other surfaces to be cleaned, including items such as marking pens, electric controls
  • Regular disinfection of door handles and light switches.
  • All refuse and recycling to be placed by users into the bins provided.
  • All surfaces to be cleared of debris by the user after each meeting.
  • Social distancing in place

How to book vacation residence

  • The accommodation office will be sending out an email about the procedure on Monday of week 3. A form will be included.
  • The form must be returned by Wednesday of week 6 to Michaela Groza for those living on Turl Street and Exeter House and to Claire Fell for those who live in Cohen Quad.

How to report faults/damages in rooms?

How to get in contact with the Accommodation Office?

  • For students on Turl Street, Abingdon Road, Iffley Road please email the Accommodation Manager on
  • For students in Cohen Quad please email the Operations Manager on
  • For meetings – use Teams – please email to arrange a suitable time
  • Face to face meetings – please email to arrange a suitable time

Date Updated: 23rd Nov 2020