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COVID Information for Students

Information about how Covid impacts College life change quickly, so please read any emails or bulletins you receive.

You can view the University’s most up to date information here.

Prevention, Testing and Self-Isolation


Book or manage a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination via the NHS website.


Face coverings are encouraged but not mandatory when moving around the public indoor spaces of College, and when using teaching and study areas (including, but not limited to, the College Library and the Learning Commons at Cohen Quad). Face coverings are not required when moving around accommodation areas, including shared kitchens and bathrooms, and the residential parts of corridors and staircases. While they do not need to be worn when eating or drinking (including in Hall, the Dakota Café, the bar, or the marquee), we recommend that they are worn when queuing for the serveries in Hall or at the Dakota Café.

Face coverings are also expected to be worn for tutorials and classes which take place indoors, except that they may be removed by mutual consent of those present where this facilitates effective teaching.

Regular testing

If you are working or studying on-site, you are strongly encouraged to take two lateral flow device tests (LFD) per week.  This includes  any member of staff or student who is  accessing University or College buildings, as well as students resident at their term-time address.

From 11 January 2022 testing has changed in England. You no longer need to confirm a positive LFT with a PCR.


Do an LFT,  report all results to EAS and the NHS system

If positive regard this as a definite diagnosis.

  • Isolate: day 0= date symptoms started.
  • There is no need to do a PCR.

If negative, isolate and repeat LFT after 24 hrs.

  • If second LFT is positive –  isolate: day 0 = date symptoms started not date of test.
  • If second LFT is negative – continue to isolate and do PCR with EAS.
  • If PCR is positive – isolate: day 0 = date symptoms started, not date of test.
  • If PCR is negative – can leave isolation forthwith.


Regard this as a definite diagnosis and isolate using standard regime, day 0 = date of test.

  • Report the result of this test to EAS and NHS system.
  • There is no need to do a PCR, it is not necessary for a diagnosis of Covid and overloads the testing services.


Criteria for exemption from isolation – if any of these apply:

  • Vaccinated with 2 doses of a UK approved vaccine (or single dose of Jansen) at least 14 days previously. Anyone vaccinated in the UK is covered by this, some vaccination schedules outside the UK are also recognised but refer to current govt guidance as this changes.
  • Under 18 years 6 months.
  • Have been or are in an approved UK vaccine trial.
  • Have medical reasons for non-vaccination.

If exempt

  • Do daily LFT for 7 days, or until 10 full days after the last contact if this is sooner.
  • Report results of LFT to EAS and NHS system.
  • Use standard additional precautions for this period.
  • If they develop symptoms or if they have a positive LFT, follow guidance in (1) or (2) above.

If not exempt

  • Isolate for 10 days, day 0 = date of last contact with a positive case. This is a legal requirement and the whole 10 days must be completed.
  • Do daily LFT, report results to EAS and the NHS system
  • Also, do a PCR between days 3 and 5 after the last contact with positive case as this is when any infection is most likely to show.
  • If they develop symptoms, or if any of these tests are positive, then isolate further using the standard isolation regime, day 0 = date of symptoms or of test.


  • People with symptoms of Covid who have 2 negative LFT’s 24 hours apart.
  • Close contacts who are not exempt from isolation


PCR’s can remain positive up to 90 days after an infection. If there are reasons to suggest a repeat test in this period, discuss it first with EAS medical advisory team

LFT’s are different and positive results do not persist for more than 14 days. A second positive test after this period usually indicates a new infection.

What to do if your Lateral Flow Test (LFT) is positive

If your LFT is positive you must regard this as a definite diagnosis, i.e. that you have Covid. You must begin to isolate. You must report the positive LFT result to the University: [towards the bottom of this link]., and complete a college self-isolation form.

What to do if you need to self-isolate

Please fill out the self-isolation form This will inform the relevant members of College so that meals and other support can be provided.

If you are self-isolating the College has a handy guide on how students can manage their self-isolation. This can be viewed at this page:

Any further questions?

If you have read all this advice and are still unclear what to do, then you may contact


This will depend on the circumstances of the tutor and the group size.  Some tutorials may be moved online with Microsoft Teams, others may be physical as normal or with reduced capacity.  Your tutor will contact you to discuss arrangements.

Life at College


Please see here for more information about catering arrangements: Catering Arrangements for Students


The Nurse/Welfare Officer remains available for students,


The library is now open 24/7 and you can enter the library by swiping your Bod card at the door. There is no seat-booking system.

The click and collect service is no longer in operation and books should be returned to the library only.  The return book box in the JCR has been removed.

Academic Office

Students can arrange in-person or virtual appointments with the team in the Academic Office by clicking this link.

IT & Computer Rooms

Computer rooms are open for use the MCR, JCR and Balsdon Computer rooms are operating at a slightly reduced capacity due to insufficient ventilation.

The IT Team can provide IT support both remotely and physically but must be booked in advance, which can be booked at this website


The accounts office is open to students but by appointment only.  Appointments can be physical or virtual and can be booked online here:

Accommodation & Housekeeping

For any issues at Turl Street, Abingdon Road, Iffley Road please email the Accommodation Manager at

For issues at Cohen Quad please email the Operations Manager at


The Lodge remains open.  We ask all students to collect parcels and post ASAP.


Any issues can be reported to spice works via the e-mail as before at

We will respond accordingly depending on the location and priority of the reported problem but if there are any occupants in the vicinity when a member of the maintenance team arrive they will have to ensure they have a face covering and maintain social distancing or leave the area.


The Chapel will be available as a place to reflect, relax, and be still.

Outside of Services:

Please use the hand sanitiser in the Antechapel, and when you leave the Chapel, please wipe down where you were sitting.

Please contact the Chaplain if you wish to play the piano or use the Chapel as a rehearsal space.