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COVID Information for Students

For the latest information about Covid-19 Special Rules for Students click here.

Information from the University is also available, including material about exams.

While we have tried to maintain a balance between health & safety and normal college life, certain changes have had to be made.

The below is a useful guide and information about Student Life at College during the Pandemic.  Please see the below links for more information

  • Testing on Return to Oxford
  • Regular Testing
  • What to do if your Lateral Flow Test (LFT) is positive
  • Testing on Return to Oxford

    If you are a student returning for Trinity term, you must take two tests by collecting them from any front desk.

    Regular testing

    All students are strongly encouraged to  get tested for  COVID-19 twice a week, every week in Trinity term.

    You should  go to  one of the  University’s symptom-free (LFD) testing centres  to get tested.  These are located  in easy-to-access sites around Oxford   where there will be staff on hand to assist you.

    Regular symptom-free (Lateral Flow Device) testing can  detect whether you have COVID-19  before you develop symptoms.  It is  an important tool in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, and will help to protect the community.


    (please note: SSO required)

    If you have any coronavirus symptoms you should book a PCR test in the normal way.

    What to do if your Lateral Flow Test (LFT) is positive

    Book a PCR test:

    Self-isolate until you receive a negative PCR test, or for ten days if the PCR test is positive.

    Inform the College, through filling out the self-isolation form, available here:

    Self-Isolating Advice

    You will have to self-isolate if:

    1. you receive a positive LFD test or
    2. you receive a positive PCR test or
    3. someone in your household receives a positive LFD test, and remain in self-isolation until they receive either a negative PCR test, or the 10 days of quarantine because of a covid infection are over.

    As in Michaelmas term, please fill out the self isolation form This will inform the relevant members of College so that meals and other support can be provided.

    If you are self-isolating the College has a handy guide on how students can manage their self-isolation including helpful  catering arrangements. This can be viewed at this page


    This will depend on the circumstances of the tutor and the group size.  Some tutorials may be moved online with Microsoft Teams, others may be physical as normal or with reduced capacity.  Your tutor will contact you to discuss arrangements.

    Life at College

    We are subject to the government rules and regulations. Unlike in Michaelmas there is no general academic exemption ( there are exemptions, e.g. for practical subjects to be taught in person). Therefore, please pay attention to what is permitted with regards to socialising and general behaviour. You can find this information here:

    Any queries or concerns should be sent to the Domestic Bursar

    There will be some changes to arrangements these can be found below.


    Please see here for more information about catering arrangements Catering Arrangements for Students


    The Nurse/Welfare Officer remains available for students, Teams appointments can be booked via email (preferred) at or telephone at 01865 279639.  The service will be remote this term, if there are occasions when physical appointments are necessary this will need to be planned in advance.


    The college library re-opened for study on 12th April 2021. The opening hours are 10.00- 23.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 – 23.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

    Masks must be worn in the library unless exempt. The space is cleaned twice a day and there are bottles of sanitiser and sprays and disposable cloths available throughout the space.

    39 reader seats are available daily for each pre-bookable slot.  Desks are distanced and are fitted with plastic screens where necessary.

    Pre-book reader places:

    Readers should pre-book study slots using Eventbrite Slots may be booked up to one week in advance and up to 8 am on the day the slot is required. Up to two slots per reader may be booked on any day.

    The slots available are:

    Monday – Friday

    10.00-14.00 (4 hours)

    14.00-18.00 (4 hours)

    18.00-23.00 (5 hours)

    Saturday and Sunday

    09.00-13.00 (4 hours)

    13.00-17.00 (3 hours)

    17.00-23.00 (6 hours)

    Temporary library cards

    Before coming to the library to use a slot, readers must go to the Lodge and temporarily exchange their Bod card for a library visitor card, which will allow access to the library for the pre-booked session. This is for track and trace purposes.

    Borrowing books:

    During a study slot readers may take books from the shelves and borrow them on the self-issue machine or use them in the library. Books must not be re-shelved after handling.

    Borrowing books without having a library slot (click and collect):

    Request books for click and collect  by logging on to SOLO with the SSO

    If Exeter has a copy available to borrow request it by using the green ‘request’ button on the right of the screen.

    Library staff will receive request the next day and will loan the book(s), and leave it/them for collection in a crate at the Lodge.

    Readers should return books by placing them in the Return Book Boxes in the JCR. Books will be quarantined for 72 hours.

    Finding books not available in the library

    Please contact library staff at to suggest purchases for the library or ask for advice on how to find books and information.

    Electronic resources

    Very many e-books and journals and electronic databases are available via SOLO

    Scan and deliver

    If you need an article or a section of a book library staff can scan and email that if the book or journal is in the College Library. Please note copyright restrictions apply to this service. Send requests to

    Academic Office

    Students can arrange virtual appointments with the team in the Academic Office by clicking this link. We hope to be able to offer some in person appointments during Trinity Term where required, with more information to follow closer to the start of Trinity Term.

    IT & Computer Rooms

    Computer rooms are currently closed, but printing facilities continue to be available.

    IT support is still available but must be booked in advance, which can be booked online at this website  In most cases please book a virtual appointment and then if required, as advised by us, book a physical appointment.


    The accounts office is open to students but by appointment only.  Appointments can be physical or virtual and can be booked online here

    Accommodation & Housekeeping

    Arrangements for housekeeping, cleaning or rooms and use of shared spaces can be viewed here.

    For any issues at Turl Street, Abingdon Road, Iffley Road please email the Accommodation Manager on

    For issues at Cohen Quad please email the Operations Manager at


    Remains open.  We ask all students to collect parcels and post ASAP.


    Any issues can be reported to spice works via the e-mail as before at

    We will respond accordingly depending on the location and priority of the reported problem but if there are any occupants in the vicinity when a member of the maintenance team arrive they will have to ensure they have a face covering and maintain social distancing or leave the area.


    The Chapel will be available as a place to reflect, relax, and be still.

    Outside of Services:

    Please use the hand sanitiser in the Antechapel, and when you leave the Chapel, please wipe down where you were sitting.

    Please contact the Chaplain if you wish to play the piano or use the Chapel as a rehearsal space.

    Chapel Services

    During Trinity Term, services are:

    6pm Choral Evensong (starting in week 2)

    8.30am OICCU Prayers

    8.30am Mattins
    6.15pm Choral Evensong / Choral Eucharist

    8.30am Mattins

    8.30am Mattins
    9.00pm Choral Compline by candlelight (weeks 2,4,6,8)

    8.30am Mattins
    6.15pm Choral Evensong / Choral Eucharist

    All services will be available online

    All are welcome to attend Chapel services, but must, please, follow the instructions given by the Chaplain and Chapelwardens.

    Students Sports & Gym

    The captain of each sports club should contact the Domestic Bursar to perform a risk assessment.  Sports Clubs members should contact the club captain for any arrangements.

    The gym is temporarily unavailable to students