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How to Book a test

Staff and Students are eligible for a test provided by the University and it is highly recommended that you use this service.  If you have not already done so, please book via this website:

The University Testing Service is recommended for all members, as the results will be made available quicker than NHS test, the information about your test including the results will be shared automatically with the College and this will save the workload on the NHS.

You will need the details of your SSO account.  Please ensure you have activated it and know your SSO username and password.  Please contact IT for assistance

If a member of staff can not use the University Testing Service due to any reason, they should inform their line manager that they have taken a test.

Once you have your results please review the section about what to do next – What to do after your test

At present only staff and students are eligible for the test, family members who may be required to book tests will have to book NHS tests.

You can review the College Privacy Notice about how the University testing Service affects your data privacy here