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Self Isolating Declaration

Please complete this form if you need to self-isolate. You will need to self-isolate if you have a positive LFT or are a contact on someone with a positive LFT, and you are not exempt. The exemptions are:

  • Vaccinated with 2 doses of a UK approved vaccine (or single dose of Jansen) at least 14 days previously. Anyone vaccinated in the UK is covered by this, some vaccination schedules outside the UK are also recognised but refer to current govt guidance as this changes.
  • Under 18 years 6 months.
  • Have been or are in an approved UK vaccine trial.
  • Have medical reasons for non-vaccination.

If you aren’t sure about the Covid symptoms please use

If you are a member of Exeter College who needs to self-isolate before or after booking a test please complete the form below so we know how to help you.  For Covid related welfare issues please use the email

Advice on self-isolation can be found which includes how to order food.