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Self-Isolation Advice for Students

This advice is for students who are self-isolating

Please make sure your tutor is aware that you are self-isolating – this is your responsibility. 

If you have to evacuate your room due to an emergency, please wear a face covering and stay away from others who are not in your household.   

Please fill out the self isolation form This will inform the relevant members of College so that meals and other support can be provided.

You can have food and other necessities delivered, and should stay away from others who are not in your household. 

Help Available 

The College Nurse and Welfare Officer can offer help and advice: email 

The GP at 19 Beaumont Street (01865 240501) will be able to speak to you for health advice between 08:00-18:00 Mon-Fri  

The Chaplain will be offering welfare support 

The junior deans will be available through calling the Lodge between 18:00-08:00 and weekends. 

The Counselling Service is offering remote appointments  

The University website has some useful information  

Mind mental health charity has some excellent information 

In addition if you a graduate student, if you have any welfare-related concerns or other issues that you aren’t quite sure whom to ask about, the MCR Welfare team is always available for a chat

If you feel that your health is deteriorating for whatever reason please contact 111 for urgent help or 999 for emergency help. 

General health advice can be found here  

Food and waste 

You should remain in the room, except for getting medical care. You should not go to any public areas such as shops and communal areas and should not use public transport or taxis. 

You should stay in a well-ventilated room with a window to outside that can be opened.  Keep the door closed. 

At Turl Street site -food can be delivered and left outside the room by liaising with the accommodation manager, Mihaela Groza, who will arrange staff to do this for the length of quarantine.   

At CQ site please contact Claire Fell to organise food. 

In houses and private accommodation please arrange for non-contact food delivery or ask your housemates for help.   

In College accommodation, when the food has been consumed the student needs to put the rubbish in a black bag in their room which can be collected when needed ie ¾ full or when the student needs it collecting due to odours.  This should be left outside the room only when they have contacted the accommodation manager to arrange collection. 

Shared Facilities 

Use a separate bathroom from the rest of the household, if available. If you have to share these facilities, regular cleaning will be required. If a separate bathroom is not available, consider drawing up a bathroom rota for washing or bathing. The person who has tested positive should use the facilities last, before thoroughly cleaning the bathroom. Each person should use separate towels from other household members, both for drying yourself after bathing or showering and for hand hygiene purposes. 

Do not use the laundry facilities until you have a negative result or 72 hours after you are told to stop isolating by PHE or/and College if you have a positive result. 

Further NHS advice about self-isolation can be found here –household advice