30th May 2020
Dress Code
Black tie
Exeter College
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Message from ECBCA Chairman, Matt Holyoak (2015, History)

Dear Friends,

It seems impossible to escape the rolling news at the moment, so I am sure you will all have been following the disruption fostered by COVID-19. Sadly, college rowing at Oxford is not immune to this global crisis and consequently myself, the Development Office, and the Rector have all taken the extraordinary decision to cancel the annual ECBCA dinner this year. I apologise unreservedly to anyone who has already taken the time to arrange travel and accommodation.

We should all remain optimistic. Despite the toll taken by this pandemic, I am confident that this will be noted as another event that the club overcame with a determination to return even stronger. Never forget: our club emerged from the embers of the Napoleonic Wars, and in the two hundred years since we have burned through eight monarchs, thirty eight prime ministers, two World Wars, and a General Strike; not to mention a deadlier pandemic in 1919.

I wish you all the very best through this difficult period. As ever, remember to follow your government’s advice and stay as safe as possible. If anyone finds isolation unbearable (I know I do after a grand total of four days), feel free to send back an email and we can chat about anything rowing related, or indeed just anything.

You are all of course invited to next year’s events, which I promise will make up for the loss of 2020. Floreat Exon!

Best wishes,

Matt Holyoak