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14th November 2021


28th May 2022

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ECBCA events for 2021/22

Some dates are provisional and will be confirmed ASAP.

Please send your responses to all of the below events in the link here.

Freshers’ Open Day – Saturday 9th October 2021
First up, Freshers’ Week is just around the corner and ECBC needs your help. No, not with showing the newcomers how to really chug ten alcopops in a row in Park End (later, my friends, later), but with introducing first years to our beautiful, painful sport. With plenty of other distractions, it’s important that the open day runs as smoothly as possible to prevent them wandering off to be hoovered up by the college football team. Volunteers will be needed to help as instructors, barbecue chefs, coxswains, rowers, and much else besides.

Charity Ergathon – Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th November
The students have teamed up with our sister college in the other place, Emmanuel, to raise money for charity. Alumni welcome to take part, details will be released closer to the date.

Annual General Meeting and High Table – Sunday 14th November 2021
Following the success of our inaugural 2019 meeting, please join Chairman Matt Holyoak in greeting the new committee of ECBC to plan for the coming year.
All ECBCA members are encouraged to take advantage of their annual high table privileges in the evening to celebrate the first post-pandemic event.

Pre-Torpids Training Camp
Thursday 6th January to Wednesday 12th January 2022
Due to the pandemic, most clubs will be starting next year filled with novices. Those colleges that get ahead will make big gains come Torpids; those that fall behind will drop heavily. Before Hilary the first boats will decamp, probably to Abingdon or Wallingford, to get as much water time in a week as they would manage in half a term.
This year, we will be offering assistance to the coaches through taking charge of training for the lower boats, who will be in desperate need of experienced hands to guide them. Should enough alumni register interest, there will be opportunities to jump in the boat and show students first hand what they can do.
Lower boats will remain in Oxford and take part in a shorter training camp of four days (Friday 7th to Monday 10th January). Alumni are encouraged to sign up for these days in particular to pass on experience to Exeter’s novices. You can use the below form to register early interest:

Hilary Pre-Torpids Training Camp

Torpids and Torpids Dinner
Wednesday 2nd March to Saturday 5th March 2022
The first challenge of rebuilding for ECBC. The men start fifth in division two, while the women will be looking to move back up from sixth in division three. See how the training camp pays off by supporting the lower boats.
Join us on Saturday at the annual Torpids dinner to celebrate the term’s rowing.

Pre-Eights Training Camp
Dates TBC
This will follow the template of the Torpids pilot scheme, with a smaller training camp for the lower boats.
With Eights in fifth week, it is even more crucial to give the students time on the water before term starts.
There will be extra incentive for the students to train hard with an alumni vs. students racing day on the Saturday (see below).

Alumni versus Students Race
Saturday 16th April 2022
On the Saturday of the training camp, experience will be matched against youth.
Alumni will row or trailer the second boats from Oxford to the camp in the morning, and test the mettle of the students with a few pieces in the afternoon. This will provide ECBC with benchmarks for the rest of Trinity term.
All invited to the boat house for a barbecue in the evening (weather depending).

Trinity Pre-Eights Training Camp and Students vs. Alumni Race

Eights and ECBCA Dinner
Wednesday 25th May to Saturday 28th May 2022
Come and watch the showpiece event of the year from the boathouse balcony. Plenty of Pimm’s will be available from the pop-up college bar.
Drinks and pictures in the Rector’s Garden on Saturday will precede the annual ECBCA dinner. Speeches and awards to celebrate another year.

Henley Royal Regatta Meet-Up
Dates TBC
Meet up with students and alumni to represent Exeter at the world’s most famous regatta. Location and times announced closer to the date.