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20th January 2022





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Liam Kofi Bright: On the Stability of Racial Capitalism

We are delighted to invite you to hear philosopher Liam Kofi Bright (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method, London School of Economics) discuss On the Stability of Racial Capitalism. The talk is the latest in Exeter’s ongoing Race Equality seminar series. It has been organised by Dr Rachel Fraser, Michael Cohen Fellow in Philosophy, and is open to all Oxford undergraduate and graduate students and alumni and staff with an interest in philosophy.


What is the connection between capitalism and racial hierarchy? In line with the theoretical tradition known as ‘the theory of racial capitalism’ we show that the latter can functionally support the former. As a social construction, race has just those features which allow it to facilitate stable, inequitable distributions of resources. We support this claim using techniques from evolutionary game theory and the theory of cultural evolution, and end by discussing the normative political consequences of this relationship.

This seminar will now be held online via Teams, please use this link to join the event before 5pm, and booking is not required.