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28th April 2021




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The world in a box: Cabinets of Curiosity with Nandini Das

You are welcome to attend an online event with Professor Nandini Das

The world in a box: Cabinets of Curiosity

Wednesday 28th April

6pm-7pm BST

Professor Nandini Das tells the story of the age when Britain first learnt how to collect, and of how that obsession with discovering secrets and collecting curiosities transformed the way we see the world and our place within it. It begins, as good stories often do, with the opening of a box – a Cabinet of Curiosities. To attend, please click on the link below shortly before 6pm on 28th April.


Nandini Das is Professor of Early Modern English Literature and Culture at Oxford University and Fellow of Exeter College. She works on Renaissance literature and cultural history, with special emphasis on travel and cross-cultural encounters between Europe and Asia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. She has published widely on Renaissance literature and cross-cultural encounter, including The Cambridge History of Travel Writing (2019, co-edited with Tim Youngs), which covers global Anglophone and non-Anglophone travel writing from antiquity to the internet. She is project director for the ‘Travel, Transculturality and Identity in Early Modern England’ (TIDE) project, funded by the European Research Council. A BBC New Generation Thinker, she regularly presents television and radio programmes.