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I am currently a Stipendiary Lecturer at Exeter CollegeOxford, as well as a Research Associate on the BUMP project at King’s College London. Previously, I have held positions at Southampton; at the Centre for Philosophical PsychologyAntwerp; and at The Queen’s CollegeOxford. I received my PhD in Philosophy from UCL.

My primary research project examines the connections between the nature of human beings and the nature of the human mind. In particular, I argue that there are various ways in which our account of the former must be metaphysically and methodologically prior to our account of the latter, and that a proper recognition of this priority has the potential to resolve a number of intractable debates within the philosophy of personal identity. But my interests are wide-ranging, and I have written on various issues in Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphilosophy, Epistemology and the Philosophy of Biology.