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I am a Lecturer at the Mathematical Institute.

I was born in Germany and grew up in Canada, where I completed my formal education. I first studied Mathematics and Physics as an undergraduate at the University of New Brunswick. After that I studied Mathematics at the University of Toronto, where I completed my M.A. and Ph.D. degrees under the supervision of Marco Gualtieri. Before coming to Oxford, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Fields Institute during the Thematic Program on Homological Algebra of Mirror Symmetry.


My research interests lie at the intersection of differential geometry, algebraic geometry and theoretical physics, with a focus on applying modern tools in geometry, such as Lie groupoids and higher stacks, to problems which are motivated by physics. Currently, my main interests are centred around generalized complex and Kähler geometry. These are geometries which arise in the context of two dimensional quantum field theories, and I am interested both in further studying their geometry, as well as their ‘quantizations’ (category of boundary conditions). I am also interested in foliations and associated geometric structures (e.g. Lie algebroids, Courant algebroids), and singular differential equations.