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I studied medicine at Gonville & Caius College Cambridge, attaining a triple-first. My intercalated year was in Physiology, Development and Neurosciences. I went on to do my foundation training in Oxford and I am currently an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology at UCL & National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN).


I have been appointed Retained Lecturer in Neuroscience at Exeter College since 2016. I provide neuroscience teaching to first year biomedical science students, second year medical students and third year final honours school students.

Research Interests

My interests is in understanding systems-level mechanisms in the brain that underlie normal and abnormal behaviour.

Set-point adaptation – The brain has evolved ‘set-point adaptation’ as a core neurobiological mechanism to maintain an optimal level of balanced tonic activity and increase the ability to detect and dynamically respond to small differences in changes in neural activity. Together with Professor David Zee at Johns Hopkins, I have used the novel technique of magnetic vestibular stimulation to study and develop a computational model of vestibular set-point adaptation.

My current research focus is on elucidating the mechanisms and functional roles of neural oscillations.