Asking for help is one of the biggest hurdles in tackling whatever problem or issue you might have, so please do not be surprised if you find it difficult to ask for support. This page shows suggestions for people you can go to as a first point of contact. Please note that you can generally go and see any of the contacts listed below in the first instance, and they can help point you in the right direction.


For help with student finances, and if you are having issues paying fees and battels, please contact Eleanor Burnett, College Accountant. In addition, the Academic Registrar Josie Cobb can be contacted for help with student finance, financial hardship and financial support. For more information about financial support and grants in general, please see our financial support page.


If you’re experiencing homesickness, struggling to sleep, need help raising issues with the College or are just feeling down you can contact the JCR welfare reps, JCR peer supporters, MCR welfare reps, Junior DeansWelfare Officer & College Nurse, or Chaplain.

For information and contact details of the JCR welfare reps and Peer Supporters please visit the relevant page on the JCR website; for MCR welfare reps, please see the relevant page on the MCR website. For general issues, the Welfare Dean is also available to help.

In addition, for support with disabilities, or for help with factors that may affect your work or academic performance please contact the Academic Registrar Josie Cobb.

Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters are trained by the University Counselling Service as an impartial ear for anyone in college to talk to about absolutely anything.

Oxford is a high-stress environment and if there are things bothering you everything can very quickly become overwhelming. Sometimes you can feel you are burdening your friends, or that you just don’t want them to know about a particular issue; perhaps you feel your problem isn’t ‘serious’ enough that you need to go to a senior member of college and yet it’s still worrying; perhaps you want to talk to someone who doesn’t know you just to get something off your chest.

You dictate the terms; you can talk for as long as you like, whenever you like, about whatever you like. Most importantly, all matters discussed are confidential, our Peer Supporters neither judge nor instruct, and people approach them with problems, both big and small.

You can email, you can phone, you can come to their rooms for tea – use this excellent service! Contact details for the Peer Supporters can be found on the JCR website.


You can also access forms for registering a disability or applying for disability related support via the University’s Disability Advisory Service. For further support, please contact the Academic Registrar and Disability Coordinator, Josie Cobb.


For support dealing with break-ups, long distance relationships and questions about sexuality and identity you can contact either the JCR welfare reps, Peer Supporters, LGBTQ+ reps, the Junior Deans or the Chaplain.

For advice concerning sexual health, please contact the College Nurse.


For help with an eating disorder, self harm, or problems with your peers, you can contact the Junior Deans, Welfare Officer & College Nurse or Chaplain for support and advice. However, if you would prefer to talk to someone outside of the College, students can access the Oxford University Counselling Service.

The College Nurse can be seen about perpetual colds, minor injuries and ailments, mental health and referrals to doctors and dentists. The Nurse can also provide assistance with repeat prescriptions and for students dealing with anxiety. For other health problems, you can contact the college doctors.

For harassment issues, whether they take the form of infringement of freedom; being placed under undue pressure; or experiencing verbal or physical abuse, you can contact the Harassment Officers. These are:


If you are experiencing problems with work or study skills, or need help with internship applications or scholarships, your tutor is the first point of contact. You may also want to talk to subject family reps, or a member of the Undergraduate Adviser Panel. For more information about the academic support offered at Exeter College, please click here.

Undergraduate Adviser Panel

The Undergraduate Adviser Panel is a panel of Teaching Fellows of the college, who are available for undergraduates from any subject to consult.  These Advisers can listen to you and discuss academic or personal matters with you. The panel consists of:

Exam Regulations and Disability Requirements

For help with exam regulations and disability requirements, you should contact the Academic Office. You can email academic.office@exeter.ox.ac.uk or call 01865 279665. Alternatively, please visit us in the Bursary (ground floor next to staircase 9).