Fellows' Garden

Old Members and Friends in Hong Kong can make their gifts tax efficient by donating through the University of Oxford China Office (Hong Kong) Limited, a registered charitable institution under section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance. In this way, charitable giving by individuals in Hong Kong may be claimed as a deduction on the tax return. Bequests in wills are also eligible to receive tax relief. Donors may claim up to 35% of total assessable income or profits for the tax year.

A simple donation form can be found on the University website. The form enables you to specify the College or cause to which you would like to donate. Alternatively, you can donate over the phone by calling the University of Oxford's Hong Kong office on +852 2151 3877.

Upon receipt of a gift, the University of Oxford China Office (Hong Kong) will acknowledge the contribution in writing. It is important that the acknowledgement letter be kept with the donor's tax records for seven years after the date of the donation. The charitable deduction may be disallowed if you are unable to provide the acknowledgement to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department upon request.

For more details on how to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving, click here.