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Get involved

There are so many ways to stay involved with the Exeter community.

Sign up to ExConnect

The best careers advice often comes from those in the field. A great strength of the Exeter community is the number of alumni who offer their time and share their expertise to guide our current students through their chosen career path, review CVs and help hone interview skills. If you are interested in joining the growing number of alumni advisers on ExConnect, the exclusive Exeter alumni directory, sign up here.

Organise a reunion

Our volunteers are the best connected people in the Exeter family and can reach many more alumni than we are able to do. If you are about to celebrate a major anniversary of matriculating, why not consider becoming a reunion leader? Contact us to find out more.

Share your knowledge

We know that events become memorable when they spark debate and conversation. If you are interested in joining a panel discussion at a future event, please get in touch.

Contribute to Exon

Our annual magazine, Exon, celebrates many aspects of College, University and alumni life. If you are interested in writing a feature, please contact us.