The College

students in Front Quad

This lively college is in the middle of Oxford. It would be difficult to be more central. Exeter's exquisite Chapel, tranquil Fellows' Garden and terrace overlooking Radcliffe Square are famously beautiful.

We offer world-class teaching in a wide range of subjects. We have 340 undergraduates, 200 graduates and 26 visiting students from Williams College in the US who come for a year.

The College is full of history. J.R.R. Tolkien was an undergraduate here, as were Alan Bennett, Martin Amis, and former President Kufuor of Ghana. Other former students include two Supreme Court judges (one from Australia and another from Canada) and Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner. Philip Pullman, another Exonian, based Jordan College on Exeter. The fictitious Inspector Morse collapsed on the lawn in our front quad.

The College not only provides teaching. It also offers food in its Dining Hall, and accommodation on the main site for all First Years and some Third Years (and a mile away on the Iffley Road for anyone else who wants it.)

It has a rich musical life, with what we think is the best mixed-voice Chapel choir in Oxford. There are extensive sports grounds and a boathouse.

Uniquely among Oxford colleges, Exeter has its own careers and internships office to help students choose their future careers.

We foster strong links with the outside world through a special seminar programme in College, in which prominent public figures talk to groups of Exeter College students.

We run special events for our students, such as dinners to celebrate Burns Night, Thanksgiving, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

The College celebrates diversity. It has women in many key positions (including the presidents of both the Middle Common Room and the Junior Common Room). Its 43 Fellows come from a dozen different countries, as far away as India, Australia and the USA to as close as Europe.

As you would expect from a small, close-knit College, there is a caring atmosphere, where people look out for each other. With such a supportive and buoyant atmosphere at Exeter, College life is great fun and hugely sociable.

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