Special Collections

Kelmscott Chaucer

Exeter College library’s special collections include 75 medieval manuscripts, over 200 later manuscripts, and an extensive collection of early printed books.

There is a card catalogue of the material available in the Library and in addition a proportion of the collections are catalogued electronically and available on SOLO.

To arrange an appointment to see an item from the special collections visiting researchers should contact the College Librarian, Joanna Bowring:

Email:  Joanna.bowring@exeter.ox.ac.uk

Telephone:  01865 279622

Please note that because of space restrictions in the library appointments are usually only possible in vacation periods.

Exeter’s Manuscript 235 Rector John Prideaux’s teaching notes (1637) is now fully digitised and available here.

You can read more about Exeter College's special collections here.

Summer 2017 closure

Due to the move of the College’s archives, manuscripts and rare books to new accommodation at Cohen Quad the College Library and Archive will be closed this summer from 31 July to 22 September 2017. We cannot accommodate any readers or researchers during this period.