Middle Common Room


The Exeter College Middle Common Room is one of the liveliest graduate communities in Oxford. With over 200 members, representing over 20 different nationalities, it is an informal and friendly environment whose members enjoy many facilities which aid and complement their academic work.

The MCR is the principal meeting place inside the College for graduate students, and consists of two ample and comfortable rooms in which most activities take place. Newspapers and magazines are at hand, there are lockers available for members, and coffee and tea can be made conveniently in the kitchen. The MCR has its own computer room with easy access to email and the internet, as well as a dedicated tutorial room for the use of those graduates engaged in teaching.

There are plenty of opportunities for graduates to participate in general College life, as well as special graduate activities. The Exeter MCR is well known for the wide range of social events in which its members play a very lively and active role. Each term there is a High Table dinner with the Fellows, there are parties, joint events with other colleges and various cultural events. The College has a very popular Bar where graduates and undergraduates can mingle. MCR members are well represented in many College clubs, as well as organising their own sporting activities.

The MCR maintains its own website, providing information for current students, as well as some informal information for prospective graduates. To view the website please click here.