Finance & Support

Students on Bench

Finances can cause anxiety for many students at some point in their University careers. Fees, loans and the general costs of living can seem bewildering at times, even overwhelming. However, there is plenty of help available, from advice and guidance to bursaries and grants to cover buying books or travelling to conferences.

The College has put together a finance guide for undergraduates,designed to help you navigate your way around financial support provided by the Government, the College, and the University. This will help guide you through initial questions about costs, support and financial management.

Exeter also offers extensive support to students facing financial hardship. Exonian Bursaries (ranging in value from £500-£1,000 funded by Old Members, Parents and Friends who give to the College's Annual Fund) and Hardship Grants are available for students in need, and grants are also available to assist students with book and equipment purchases, vacation study costs, travel for study or conferences, and internships.

In addition to the academic side of College life, many College sports and arts activities are also supported by the College's Annual Fund.

More details on all of these forms of support can be found on the Student Support page, and if you would like any further information, please contact the College Office.