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The University website is a useful source of information and guidance for students on funding matters including US Federal Loans.

The College has also put together a Finance Guide for undergraduates designed to help you navigate your way around financial support provided by the Government, the College, and the University. This will help guide you through initial questions about costs, support and financial management.

Exeter’s provision of financial support, including grants, scholarships, prizes and bursaries, is among the more generous in Oxford.

Exeter is able to offer support to eligible student members facing financial difficulty. Exonian Bursaries (ranging in value from £500 to £1,000 funded by alumni and friends of the College who give to the College’s Annual Fund) and named financial assistance bursaries are available to assist students in need. Please visit the financial assistance web page for more information.

Students can also apply for additional grants for help with things like book and equipment purchases, vacation study costs, travel for study or conferences, and internships. In addition to the academic side of College life, many College sports and arts activities are also supported by the College’s Annual Fund.