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01st January 2002

A collation of the news from 2002

Sydney Brenner

(1952), along with two other scientists, has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The prize was awarded for his pioneering work on cell division. He is also known for the discovery of messenger RNA. For more details: BBC report.

Matt Coates

(1998, Materials Science) has recently travelled to the magnetic pole. He has written a wonderfully evocative account of the expedition: A journey to the magnetic pole.

Sarah Colvin

(1986, Modern Languages) has recently written a new play. ‘Balance’ has its first reading at the Arches’ festival of new Scottish theatre on 6 March. The Scotsman.

Charles Cotton

(1965, Physics) has been elected Executive Chairman of GlobespanVirata.

Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt

(daughter of former Rector Lord Crowther-Hunt) formerly executive director of the Prince’s Trust has been made an LVO (Royal Victorian Order) in the New Year Honours List.

David Hartnett

(1971, English) is currently working on a screenplay of his first novel, Black Milk, set in an imaginary Jewish Ghetto during the Second World War.

Melissa Jones

(1984, English) is now adapting her first novel, Cold in Earth, for the BBC. Her second novel is entitled Sick at Heart. More details.

Ben Moxham

(1998, PPE) has won a Fulbright Scholarship.

Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman (1965, English) won the Whitbread Book of the Year prize on 22 January. Mr Pullman is represented by Caradoc King (1965, English) of the literary agency A P Watt. They met on their first day in College in October 1965 and have remained friends ever since. Author’s Website, press reports: Daily TelegraphThe Guardian BBC Report.

Caleb Watts

(1997, Mathematics & Philosophy) has won a Fulbright Scholarship to Harvard.

Alexander Wedderburn

(1955, PPP) is president-elect of the British Psychological Society. He will be President from April 2003. Heriot-Watt University has elected him Professor Emeritus.

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