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21st June 2022 Rosa Chalfen (2019, English)

Alumna Anna Chojnicka produces extraordinary art from bananas

Exeter alumna Anna Chojnicka (2005, Philosophy & Modern Languages) has risen to fame on social media recently for the intricate art that she creates out of bananas. Bored from isolating in her London flat over the pandemic, Chojnicka discovered that she could create the designs simply by bruising the banana’s skin with a fork or seam ripper.

The results range from the political, such as depictions of the US president Bernie Sanders, to the comedic, such as cartoons of Homer Simpson. Chojnicka has also used the bananas’ popularity to raise money for charities, such as FareShare (a UK charity that provides food to people in need), and to campaign for social causes close to her heart.

“I draw all sorts of different things” Chojnicka says of her artwork. “Sometimes I’ll do a portrait, or I’ll do my own interpretation of a classic artwork like the Mona Lisa… I’ve developed a following of people from all over the world and when I’ve posted [a picture of the banana], I eat the banana, so no food goes to waste”.

You can see some of the extraordinary pieces of art in the short film below, or on the BBC website. Alternatively see Anna Chojnicka’s latest creations on Instagram @banana_bruiser or order a print at

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