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High Table Guest Nights

Missing the energy of dinner at Hall, or seeking a chance to reunite with fellow Exonians? Our Guest Nights are a wonderful opportunity to visit Exeter, dine at High Table, and catch up with old friends.

…thank-you for arranging our visit yesterday…the overriding feeling was one of being made very welcome in the College…’ – The Venerable Godfrey Stone (1968, Geography & Theology)

How do my dining rights work?

We are always delighted to welcome alumni and friends back to Exeter! After completing your studies at Exeter you are invited to dine at High Table three times over the academic year, and on the first occasion we will be very happy to cover the cost of your meal.

When can I use my dining rights?

We hold Guest Nights every Wednesday and Sunday during term time. On particular dates, however, Exeter holds Special Guest Nights – dinners where we offer the tradition of second dessert and a dessert wine following the four course meal. These Special Guest Nights are held throughout the year, so please do get in touch to check on dates.

Can I bring a guest?

You are very welcome to bring a guest to High Table. We can host groups with multiple guests; however in such instances you will be seated in the main body of the Hall, and would be unable to use your dining rights.

When do I arrive?

On Wednesdays and Sundays, alumni may arrive at 7.15pm in the SCR for dinner at 7.30pm.

What else happens during the Guest Nights?

On Sundays you are more than welcome to attend evensong at 6.00pm in the Chapel before dinner. On Wednesdays we also often hold a Rector’s Seminar before dinner, so do check the website or enquire with the Development Team to see if one is taking place.

Is there anything else I should know?

The dress code for Guest Nights is lounge suits on Wednesdays and black tie on Sundays – academic gowns are certainly not obligatory, although if you wish to bring yours out of the cupboard, you are more than welcome!

How can I book?

If you would like to use your dining rights, or have any queries regarding dates or booking on, please email our catering team – you will be very welcome to join us back at Exeter.

‘…it was an enjoyable evening, and good to meet the Rector properly…’  – Sir Roland Jackson (1976, Molecular Immunology)