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Leave a legacy

Everyone can make a difference to the future of Exeter College through leaving a legacy. There are many who wish to make a significant gift to the College but who, owing to commitments to their family and loved ones, feel unable to do so in their lifetime. Leaving a legacy allows them to make such a gift.

Amelia Jackson, wife of Rector William Jackson, left her entire estate to Exeter on her death in 1925, requesting that the funds be used to support students in need. Our Amelia Jackson Scholarships now provide highly-prized assistance and have supported many Exonians in their studies. Her legacy sums up the meaning of the ‘Exeter Family’: even though she did not study at Exeter, she left her personal fortune to the College because of the interest and pleasure she had had from her association with it.

We can provide you with suggested wording for your legacy. If you wish to discuss a legacy or if you have already made provision for Exeter in your Will, please contact the Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

Amelia Jackson’s legacy has enabled me to develop academically and professionally by affording me the financial autonomy to focus on the work that I have come here to do, rather than take part-time work that would otherwise distract me. Importantly, to hold a scholarship in the name of a great woman, pivotal in Exeter’s history, has been especially meaningful to me. Maintenance of this sort is vital in its moral and financial support and, as such, is unquantifiable in many ways.

Mandy Izadi (2009, History), Amelia Jackson Scholar

I am happy to have included the College in my Will because it is clear to me that the state’s role in funding education – in which I believe wholeheartedly – is diminishing steadily. To compensate for this, and in order to allow future generations to benefit from the excellent teaching and resources that I myself enjoyed, I have named Exeter as one of the beneficiaries of my Will.

Geoffrey Greatex (1986, Literae Humaniores)