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1314 Society

The 1314 Society, named for the year the College was founded, celebrates the generosity and friendship of our alumni community. 

Members of the 1314 Society support Exeter’s students in so many ways – from providing travel grants and bursaries, funding sports and societies, to ensuring our prized tutorial system thrives. They are given special recognition in the ‘Thank You’ honour roll and receive a lapel pin for every year they are a member.

To become a member we invite you to make a donation of £1,314 through the course of the year to the Alumni Fund. This can be done in the way that suits you best, be it monthly, quarterly or annually. For those aged under 30 we invite you to become a young member of the Society by making a donation of £131.40 to the Alumni Fund.

Full Membership £1,314 per year or £109.50 per month
Young Alumni (aged under 30) £131.40 per year or £10.95 per month

You can make your donation here or if you would like further information you can contact the Development Office.