Visiting College

Alumni and their guests are more than welcome to visit the Turl Street or Cohen Quad sites during daylight hours. When you visit just drop by to the Porters’ Lodge (Turl Street) or Reception (Cohen Quad) upon arrival so that we are aware you are onsite.

Please do be aware that occasionally parts of the College will be closed off due to students’ requirements or events, and that the entirety of College will be closed during certain periods. If your visit is planned for a specific day, or if there is a particular part of Exeter College that you are eager to see please contact the Development Office ahead of time, so that we can ensure your visit goes smoothly.

If you are bringing guests to College (or have simply forgotten your way around!) we would also be happy to provide a quick tour around the site. Just let us know in your email, and we will do our very best to set something up for you.