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14th May 2018

Alumnus Andrew Reekes publishes The Birmingham Political Machine: winning elections for Joseph Chamberlain

Exeter alumnus Andrew Reekes (1970, Modern History) has published The Birmingham Political Machine: Winning elections for Joseph Chamberlain with West Midlands History.

In 1867 the British electorate swelled dramatically with the passing of the Second Reform Act. In Birmingham Joseph Chamberlain and his allies were faced with an electorate which had tripled in size overnight and many of whom had never previously voted or participated in politics. The Birmingham Political Machine explores Chamberlain’s response to this situation and lays bare how he became so successful, developing new campaigning techniques that can still be seen today and monopolising regional power for more than 30 years in the West Midlands.

To find out more about The Birmingham Political Machine and to purchase a copy click here.

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