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14th June 2021 Rosa Chalfen (2019, English)

Alumnus Chris Pyrah publishes second novel

Chris Pyrah (2011, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History) has published a new novel, Heresy, the second in The Dead God series.

The book follows Torben, the protagonist of Pyrah’s first novel, Legacy, as he attempts to fight for his life against an ancient threat that has been unleashed on the world of Ulskandar. Torben must join friends old and new to thwart the mage Aristotles, or risk the land falling under the shadow of a malign deity that wishes to enslave all to its will.

A fan of fantasy and science fiction since he was a young child, the writings of JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Garth Nix, CS Lewis, HP Lovecraft, Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett have been vastly influential in the creation of Chris Pyrah’s literary inventions.

In addition, his studies at Exeter led him to be greatly influenced by the myths, legends, cultures and histories of Ancient and Dark Age British Isles, Europe, and the Middle East, all of which have very much affected his writing and story craft. As a result, many hours of his day are spent scrawling out maps, tweaking invented alphabets and creating histories, pantheons and mythologies for the worlds that he has created and in which his stories are set.

Oder a copy of Heresy and find out more.

Heresy book cover by CJ Pyrah

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