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21st April 2017

Alumnus Richard Major shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize

Quintember - a novel by Richard Major

Quintember, a novel by alumnus Richard Major (1989, Theology), has been shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize.

Quintember tells the story of Felix Culpepper, tutor in Classics at St Wygefortis’ College, Cambridge, and assassin-at-large for the British establishment. It has been shortlisted for the 2017 People’s Book Prize for Fiction, which is decided by a public vote. You can cast your vote here and the results will be broadcast live on Sky News on 23 May.

The People’s Book Prize is a national competition aimed at finding, supporting and promoting new and undiscovered literary works. Its patron is Frederick Forsyth CBE. You can see the full list of shortlisted books here.

In December 2016 Richard Major published a short story, Attu, about a playboy President who announces the end of the world. It’s a mix of black humour and political satire with a hint of romance. He has three more books coming out in 2017: a political satire, begat, in June; a sequel to Quintember in August; and Embarcation for Cythera, an illustrated novel, in December.


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