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23rd September 2016

Angus Phillips (1979, PPE) publishes latest book

Alumnus Angus Phillips (1979, PPE) has published his latest book, The Cottage by the Highway and other essays on publishing, a collection of articles from the international journal Logos.

Logos is the international journal of the publishing community. It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. Since its first publication it has gained a reputation for publishing insightful and clear-headed articles about publishing, and this tradition continues to the present day, with the addition in recent years of academic articles reflecting the growth in the discipline of publishing studies.

The Cottage by the Highway and other essays on publishing provides the opportunity to mark the 25th anniversary of Logos by reprinting over 30 articles in book form. The selection has been made with a view to representing the full span of the life of the journal, with a good spread across the years of publication from 1990 onwards. The articles selected are ones that have stood the test of time and have something interesting to say.

Previously Mr Phillips has published Inside Book Publishing (2014) and Turning the Page: The Evolution of the Book (2014).

To read more about these publications click here.

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