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Freshers' Week Timetable

Your Freshers’ Week timetable is packed with exciting sessions and events to prepare you for the years ahead. There are prioritised attendance events which we expect you to attend with the only exception of meeting your Tutor. Optional drop-in sessions, which you are encouraged to attend, University organised events, and JCR run events.

Freshers’ Week Timetable 2023

Junior Common Room (JCR)

College Parents
The College Parent Scheme pairs you with a second year Exeter student who is studying the same, or similar, subject as you. You will receive an email in the coming weeks advising you of your College Parent.

JCR Blue Book
The JCR’s Blue Book is a useful guide to life at the College written from a student perspective.

The Blue Book

About the JCR


Matriculation will take place on Saturday the 14th of October and your attendance is mandatory.

Further information will be sent out by email but ensure you review the below guides.

College Matriculation Guidance

Academic Dress Guidance