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20th February 2023

Ash Brockwell (1995, Biochemistry) featured in recent anthology Twenty-Eight: Stories from the Section 28 Generation

Twenty-Eight: Stories from the Section 28 Generation is a new anthology of stories, poems, essays, letters, and other pieces from the generation of students who were impacted by the “don’t say gay” law, introduced as Section 28 in 1988. After growing up under the shadow of this oppressive legislation, twenty-eight LGBTQIA+ contributors, including Exeter alumnus Ash Brockwell (1995, Biochemistry) tell their stories. Whilst violence against LGBTQ+ people remains widespread, this anthology is a beacon of hope and solidarity for queer identities, especially during LGBTQIA+ history month. In his contribution, ‘Lacking a Language,’ Ash explores the idea of epistemic oppression, and the inability to express what you know to be true.

Twenty-Eight is edited by East London writer, academic, and Head of Digital at London Interdisciplinary School Kestral Gaian and published by Reconnecting Rainbows Press, which Ash Brockwell co-founded. Ash is a songworker and artist who has shared his poetry and songs in a wide range of venues, including open mic nights, song circles, online international festivals of education, and even the 2021 British Ecological Society conference. He edited TransVerse: We Won’t Be Erased!, an anthology of poems and lyrics by transgender and non-binary writers, and in September of 2022 Ash released his first solo collection of poetry and songs titled Emotional Literacy. The title poem in this collection was written during his time as a student at Exeter College, and inspired by graffiti on a wall in Parks Road.

You can find out more about Twenty-Eight: Stories from the Section 28 Generation and purchase a copy here.

Twenty-Eight: Stories from the Section 28 Generation

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