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06th March 2018

Bad weather hinders Boat Club’s hopes of blades

Exeter’s rowers had a successful week at Torpids 2018, but poor weather prevented them from having a chance of blades.

The Boat Club has been resurgent over the past year, with performances improving and high hopes of gaining blades in the 2018 Torpids races. The Club had the perfect start on Wednesday of 7th week, with each boat bumping at least one place. The Men’s first crew bumped two places in the second division, while the Men’s second crew and the Women’s crew each bumped one place in their respective fifth and third divisions.

Unfortunately bad weather arrived on Thursday and continued into Friday, destroying any chances of securing a clean sweep of bumps and earning blades. When rowing resumed on Saturday the Men’s first crew bumped three places, up to sixth, and the Women’s crew rowed over to remain in third place in their league. Conditions prevented the Men’s second crew from racing.

Nevertheless there was encouraging evidence that the Boat Club’s resurgence continues. The Club is now looking forward to Summer Eights and the chance to advance further up the leagues.

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