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06th July 2012

Biz Stone joins forces with the Rector to refurbish Exeter College Library

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and member of Exeter’s SCR, has joined forces with the Rector to refurbish the library that launched JRR Tolkien on his literary career.

Biz Stone is passionate about the importance of creative spaces in inspiring genius. For Tolkien it was Exeter’s Victorian library. Here he began to invent new languages, and worlds for them to describe.

The Library has changed little since the 19-year-old Tolkien studied there over 100 years ago. It remains just as beautiful, but it also needs refurbishment to make it once again a space that is conducive to today’s creative minds.

Mr Stone and the Rector, Frances Cairncross, are encouraging fans of Tolkien’s work to help refurbish the Library, and provide the inspiration for future generations of students.

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