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29th September 2014

Call for feedback on Exeter’s plans for gaudies

Exeter’s Eighth Century Gaudies
Exeter’s 700th Anniversary Year has been a tremendous success and we have learnt a great deal from the numerous anniversary celebrations, reunions, symposiums and networking events that we have held for alumni.
As we plan your gaudies for the years ahead, we would like to incorporate some of what we have learnt in 2014 so that we can offer even more enjoyable, tailored reunion events during Exeter’s eighth century.
The key points we learnt were:
• value of varied day programmes which are tailored to the year group(s) present
• continued desire for black tie dinners
• interest in academic content at some events
• chance to hear from other alumni who have expertise/experience in their fields valued
• importance of having free time to catch up with friends
• opportunities to bring family members of various ages where appropriate appreciated
We therefore propose to offer every Old Member a ‘Grand Gaudy’ and a smaller ‘Reunion Dinner’ every 10 years, the two events alternating (in most cases) at five-year intervals. The invitation list will normally comprise five year groups each time.
Grand Gaudies would be held on a Saturday in June. A full day programme (designed by alumni representatives from the year groups attending) and a black tie evening banquet would be offered.
Reunion Dinners would be held on the Saturday of the Oxford Alumni Weekend in September. During the day we would run an academic symposium on a theme of wide-ranging interest (to which all Old Members would be invited). In the evening, the reunion cohort of alumni would be given priority at a black tie dinner in College.
The proposed schedule for Grand Gaudies and Reunion Dinners is as follows:
So, for instance, those who matriculated between 1975 and 1979 will have a Grand Gaudy in June 2016, a Reunion Dinner in September 2021, and a Grand Gaudy in June 2026. Those who matriculated between 2000 and 2004 will have a Reunion Dinner in September 2016, a Grand Gaudy in June 2021, and a Reunion Dinner in September 2026.
As in previous years, those in the oldest/youngest year group in each cohort would be given the option of attending another cohort’s reunion if they prefer (e.g. an alumnus of 1995 might choose to attend the 1990-94 events instead of the 1995-99 ones).
We would be grateful to receive your feedback on this proposed schedule, including:
• how the schedule might be improved
• what we need to consider that we may have overlooked
• what types of events/lectures/sessions you would like included
• whether you would be interested in helping with planning the event for your cohort
Please do email your comments to or write to the Development Office, Exeter College, Oxford, OX1 3DP.
We do hope you will give this matter some thought. We want to create events that you and your peers will enjoy and value. Your input will help us to get this right!
Thank you.
Katrina Hancock
Director of Development
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