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The tutorial system is a great opportunity to interrogate ideas and explore the syllabus in a way which goes beyond the textbooks, especially as your tutors are usually the ones who have written them! They have so much experience as they’re often the leaders in the fields you’re being taught.

Although college life can be really busy, it’s great! For example, I’m currently doing a research project and I’m charities officer which means I organise fundraising and philanthropic events on behalf of the College. I’ve found that people are very responsive to fundraising and excited to get involved.

My best Oxford memory so far might have to be going to the pub with my College ‘parents’ (mentors from the year above) in the first week of term. The parent system is really helpful because they’re not in your immediate friendship circle and this allows them to give you an outside perspective. They’ve already been here for a year and have both genuine experience and tailored advice for your subject and Oxford in general.