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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

I first started thinking about applying to Oxford in Year 12 when I was prompted by a teacher, and after attending the UNIQ summer school I was sure I wanted to apply. Choosing my course was initially quite difficult as I was choosing between a few humanities degrees. I knew I enjoyed economics but was sure I didn’t want to do a purely mathematical course. However, when I did PPE at UNIQ I really enjoyed the way it was taught and it was the perfect mix of subjects for me.

When preparing for interview, do as much as you can before your interview but at the same time remember the interview is primarily to establish how you think. Reading up on content will make you feel more confident, but there’s no real point preparing a set of answers.

When trying to manage your workload, ensure you allocate your time carefully and try to stick to it as best as you can. Progress through your work gradually and stay well rested, looking after your health is looking after your work!