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Earth Sciences

I started thinking about applying to Oxford after I got my GCSE results, and my Dad and school encouraged me to apply to it. Then in Year 12 I was chosen for a residential placement in Cambridge for women in science which taught me more about the natural sciences. I particularly enjoyed Earth Sciences, as it really tied all my interests together.

I chose Exeter after visiting it at an open day with my school and discovering it teaches my course. I’m so glad I chose it. It’s such a friendly community and there’s really great integration between all the year groups. I also really like how much we all use the communal spaces like the JCR (Junior Common Room). Everyone’s willing to help one another, especially with the ‘parent’ system (where first year undergraduates are partnered with and mentored by a second year who is studying their subject) and they’re reassuring about any academic problem as they’ve lived through it.

The tutorial system is great as I can be quite shy in lectures. You don’t feel embarrassed and your partners in tutorials are also your friends. That comfortable atmosphere is great as it allows you to explore new ideas.

Workload can seem daunting but everyone is in the same boat and understands that people have lots to get done. Because of this lots of friends tend to work together so it turns into a much more enjoyable experience.