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Modern Languages (French and Russian)

My best Oxford memory is probably Thanksgiving in first year. Formal dinners are special anyway, but this night was also a great way of interacting with the Williams community (Visiting Students from Williams College, Massachusetts). The Williams students are another great thing about Exeter as we celebrate both English and American events, which is quite unique to Exeter.

In terms of interviews I’d say that whilst it’s good getting to know other candidates, you don’t want to talk too much about your interviews whilst you’re here as it’s easy to be quite hard on yourself. Try not to see the other people interviewing as competitors, as they could be the people you’re going to spend the next three or four years with.

What’s good about the tutorial system is the extensive feedback you receive on your essays. You also get to know your tutors really well – they know you by name and you feel comfortable enough to ask ‘stupid’ questions or just say you don’t understand. It makes the tutorial less daunting. You also develop a good relationship in terms of pastoral care, and you can talk about your personal life. It’s so helpful having someone who knows you really well, and without the tutorial system you wouldn’t have the opportunity to develop those relationships.

One of the best events I’ve experienced while at Exeter is when I went on the inaugural trip to Williams College, Massachusetts. It was such a great opportunity to go over to the United States and spend two weeks as part of their winter study programme and be able to see what university is like for American students. We were studying but were also able to do lots of sight-seeing and play in the snow. It was heavily subsidised by Exeter College so finances weren’t an issue and no one was put off by that when applying.