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I think what really sets Exeter apart from other colleges is ExVac, which is an Exeter charity where we take underprivileged children on holiday for a week. It’s entirely student-run and as a trip leader you’re given a lot of responsibility. It’s amazing to see what a group of students can do together and the impact it can have on the children and their response is phenomenal. The holiday allows them to get away from the stresses of home. I think it’s something that Exeter should be really proud of – it’s a unique programme which really encourages active involvement in Oxford’s community.

So far my best Oxford memory would be Exeter’s ball. It’s a great opportunity to dress up with all your friends at a very reasonable price and caters to everyone with dodgems, food trucks, music etc. It’s great being with all your friends and having a fun night out within your own college.

I mainly applied to Oxford because I loved the course. It’s a great combination of three years of learning the science and then three years of applying it. I started thinking about applying to Oxford mid-way through lower-sixth. Although I originally applied to Oriel, I’m really glad I ended up at Exeter. The location is phenomenal and the community is amazing. I think our college is incredibly accepting, open, and progressive. There’s also a great relationship between all three years, we all socialise and go out together.

At Oxford there are loads of opportunities to get involved with extra-curricular activities. One of the things I do is the rugby club. There’s a big sense of comradery within the boys, where we really pride ourselves on being progressive – the rugby club is a microcosm of Exeter as a whole, and there’s also a strong LGBTQ presence where everyone is welcome to play.