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I first started thinking about applying for Oxford when I got my AS results. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to study so I ended up taking a year off to decide on Law which was definitely the right decision for me and meant I felt confident in my choice when I started here at Oxford. As I’d never studied Law before I read really widely around my subject during the time I was writing my personal statement and preparing for interview. I read books like Tom Bingham’s The Rule of Law and also listened to various podcasts and watched documentaries – even YouTube videos can give you a taster for a subject you’ve never studied before and potentially spark your interest in something really exciting.

I think what really sets Exeter apart is the range of events and programmes we’re involved with and which are largely student-led. For example, this year I helped out with the Turl Street Arts Festival, which is a combination of arts events taking place over the course of a week including creative writing, life drawing workshops and concerts. It’s entirely organised by students from Exeter College, Jesus College and Lincoln College and is a fantastic way to meet your neighbours.

My best Oxford memory so far would probably have to be Queerfest, which is a night organised by the LGBTQ society here at Oxford and hosted by Wadham College. I’ve found Oxford is an incredibly supportive environment being queer and this was just an incredible evening of music, friends and some incredible costumes.

One of the things I’ve loved about Oxford is that there are so many amazing free events taking place across the University on any given day. Most of them have Facebook events so you can see all of these opportunities really easily. For example I went to a panel discussion on the aftermath of Brexit last term where world leaders in politics, economics and anthropology were all giving their unique perspectives.