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Doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Studying at Oxford is an aim I always aspired to and hoped to achieve. Before applying to Oxford I was fortunate enough to avail opportunities of studying in Germany and in the US at Harvard. For the past two years now I have been pursuing a PhD (or DPhil according to the Oxford dictionary) in Molecular and Cellular Medicine, in particular focusing on genome engineering, at Exeter College, Oxford. In those two years I have experienced lively exchanges of ideas which are vital skills in the build-up of my future career – critical thinking, effective and persuasive communication and always being ready to take on a challenge!

Exeter, being one of the oldest colleges in Oxford, provides a very supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. Engaging with students from every corner of the world who are reading in all sorts of courses is very challenging but at the same time also highly valuable. The college offers a beautiful historical setting and iconic architecture in which one can think, study and work hard.

In particular the adorned and ancient dining hall, an impressive chapel and the beautiful Fellows’ Garden with probably the most gratifying view over Oxford notably differentiate Exeter College from other colleges which is why I will remember this hauntingly beautiful place for a life time.

My DPhil studies have not only shaped my mind but I have also learned to appreciate life and its impacts in a more profound way. Life can’t be taken for granted at any stage due to its unpredictability and you have to work hard no matter how secure you feel. Doing sports is a good way to destress and balance. So far I have tried out a huge variety of different sorts of sports and I continue to work out very regularly. There is great satisfaction in regularly achieving goals. In fact, my desire for sports has led me to become the graduate student sports representative at Exeter College and I am very keen to accommodate any queries in this regard.

I believe the only limiting factors that determine the breadth and depth of any kind of activity whilst at Oxford are the availability of time and variety of one’s interests.