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Public Policy Research

As someone currently pursuing a second degree as an Exeter College student, I can confidently vouch for the college!

When I first came to Exeter in 2015, I was assigned to the college as a Jardine Scholar. I found the Exeter community to be extremely vibrant and warm.

The student body is diverse and friendly, which made me feel very welcomed. I’ve had the opportunity to converse with students in fields different from my own, which enriched my overall academic experience. Additionally, the college staff are also very supportive and helpful.

As graduate students we have weekly socials and other activities – like teas, nature walks, and craft sessions. The college also organises social and learning events.

When I came back to Oxford for my current degree, I immediately knew I wanted to return to Exeter College.

What’s changed? Well, we have a college cat (occasionally two, and a dog), the new Cohen Quad, and a coffee machine in the graduate common room! The vibrant and warm community remains.