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One of the best things about Exeter is its location. Turl Street is in the middle of everything, including the main University libraries, shops, cafés and clubs. Living in College is great partly because of the convenience of being catered. It allows you more time to do other things. Also Exeter’s location means you’re in the centre of a city but it still feels spacious.

One of the unique things about Exeter is that it has a specialist careers service which is incredibly useful when you’re thinking about applying for internships.

One of my tips for interview would just be to relax. No one who gets into Oxford thinks their interview went well, and you should remember that they’re about assessing how you process information. The tutors aren’t trying to trip you up; they’re trying to help you work through the problem you’re being given.

Handling the workload at Oxford is a learning curve. As you go along you work out what takes most of your time and how you work best and adapt accordingly. One of the hardest but most important things can sometimes be to learn how to say no.